Denzel Curry has been hailed by many as a refreshing voice in the game, a fan favorite to be sure. With a penchant for keeping it a hundred, Denzel was recently forced to contend with an artist's worst nightmare: live sound issues. During a set at Austin Texas venue Emo's, Curry found himself facing ongoing sound cuts, which might have derailed a lesser performance. Denzel was not deterred, however, and decided to keep the energy alive with an acapella freestyle, going off the dome no less. 

Afterward, Denzel decided to salvage the show by getting into the crowd, sitting down, and holding an intimate Q&A session. "Some of y'all drove from far distances," says Denzel, addressing his appreciative fans. "There's a lot of y'all that’s got school tomorrow that drove far distances and got a lot of shit going on, so I'm just gonna sit here and talk to y'all and just answer questions." He proceeds to answer a variety of fan questions, providing advice and insight into the game as he sees it. Eventually, the sound issues are sorted out, allowing Denzel to return to his set. 

It's a genuine moment, and further proof that Zeltron is among the realest. Peep the footage below.