One of the biggest news stories from the music and entertainment world this week was of Demi Lovato's unfortunate drug overdose, relapsing after six years of sobriety. As she battles addiction, she has been open in the past about her struggles and we're crossing our fingers that her recovery is speedy. Of course, so many holes are left in the story as the details surrounding her hospitalization remain unclear. TMZ obtained a recording of the 911 call, noting that her friends wished for complete secrecy as the ambulance came to her home.

According to the publication, Demi could very well have died from her overdose earlier this week. That's how serious the situation was. Knowing this, it's even more impressive to listen to how calm her friends were while calling 911, alerting the right people about what had happened. It's been reported that Lovato was given Narcan to counteract the effects of opioids and although she and her entourage refused to disclose the drug or drugs that she had taken, it is believed to have been methamphetamine.

During the 911 call, the woman at Demi's home remained extremely calm throughout the situation. When informed that she would soon hear sirens as they approached, she requested for them to be turned off as they likely wanted secrecy surrounding the entire situation. The dispatcher informed them that it was out of his control and, considering the severity of the medical emergency, it was pretty necessary for sirens to be on.

Listen to the call below. Get well soon, Demi!