DeMarcus Lawrence is one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL which means he is in pretty high-demand when it comes to autographs. That was on full display in the video below in which a young New York Giants fan with a Saquon Barkley jersey goes up to Lawrence seeking his signature. Lawrence completely curves the kid by looking at him and saying "get the right jersey son." It appears as though the kid kept trying to get Lawrence's attention but instead, the Cowboys star kept it moving and got in a van which eventually drove away.

The clip was posted to social media where some fans took exception to what Lawrence did. Many thought it was in poor taste while others saw where he was coming from. Lawrence ended up taking to social media where he explained the clip and his mentality when it comes to kids.

"It’s crazy how you fans want to attack me for not signing for a kid. It’s more than one kid that come to the game with Cowboys jerseys and never get to meet any player," Lawrence explained. "So if I’m honest with my own kids I will never treat your kid better than mine so suck it up."

So there you have it, if you want an autograph from Lawrence, you better come correct or you're going to get dubbed.