DeMarcus Cousins has few regrets in his life outside of the NCAA Champtionship loss to Butler. He doesn't even mind passing up millions to sign a one-year deal, nor does he really care for his NBA 2K rating ahead of next season. In response to scoring a 90 overall rating DeMarcus exclaimed, "I'll take it but I'm bout to show y'all something this year," in a post on social media.

You may remark a note or two of ambivalence, consistent with his character. Everybody knows this is a project year for Cousins. He'll take his time building his achilles back to strength. Then once he returns, he'll do as told, knowing full well he and his teammates are hard pressed to lose the NBA Championship if the Warriors stay healthy and motivated.

The 90 rating ranks him third behind teammates Kevin Durant and Steph Curry who share top spot with an identical score of 96. Cousins sits one point higher than splash brother Klay Thompson, three higher than Draymon Green, and ten points clear of any player on the Sacramento Kings, his former team. 

Using the 2K rating scheme, how would you score DeMarcus Cousins at his current level of play. Comment below: