Last night's Toronto Raptors-Detroit Pistons matchup had playoff airs about it. Not only did the game give rise to star performances on both sides, but the game needed an overtime period to see itself out. Observers may want to tag this day for one reason, and one reason alone: Derozan has claimed another victim, adding yet another posterization to his already solid portfolio of in-game dunks. 

With 10 seconds remaining on the clock, Demar Derozan receives the inbound at the baseline. He then takes the left lane opened up by a Kyle Lowry pick. With the two Piston guards lagging behind he makes it past the center mark. As he enters the paint a lone Piston forward feels up to the task of guarding him. Anthony Tolliver in the unenviable position of being caught under the basket, dutifully occupies the post as Derozan begins his flight above rim. The sudden impact of their collision happens in a flash. Derozan's two hands rattle the rim as gravity pulls him down gently. Tolliver, forlorn reaches out of bounds to pick up the loose ball, the damage has been done.

We wish Anthony Tolliver a full psychological recovery and full commendation for attempting the defensive stop. See it for yourself, if you haven't already.