DeMar DeRozan was a huge part of the Toronto Raptors success for the better part of the decade but thanks to some pretty horrific playoff losses at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the franchise decided to trade him. The deal ended up working out for the Raptors as they were able to pick up Kawhi Leonard and are now in the NBA Finals. Despite the heartbreak of seeing your former team in the finals, DeRozan is reportedly rooting for the Raptors to win it all, although it still must hurt to see them on TV.

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night aired a sketch with DeRozan which was filmed a year ago and was never used. Before Game 2, the show ended up airing it which for DeRozan felt like a low blow. As his agent, Aaron Goodwin told The Athletic, the Spurs player was actually quite upset with how the whole sketch was used.

"We found out a few days ago, and we alerted them immediately that it’s not something that we wanted them to do nor did DeMar want it on," Goodwin said. "We felt it was extremely insensitive to the fact that DeMar’s (former) team is playing in the Finals. They made it clear to us that it was funny to them, although it wasn’t funny enough for them to use a year ago when they shot it," Goodwin explained. "We even asked them, ‘If you’re going to air this thing, put up a disclaimer that, for whatever reason, you’ve had this footage for over a year and you decided to use it now.' And they refused to do that."

So far, no one from Jimmy Kimmel's camp has responded to the initial report. It's been a rough year for DeMar.