Dave East Lends The Assist On SKZIY's "Bag" Remix

Milca P.
June 01, 2018 13:20

Dave East rolls through on SKZIY's "Bag."

Brooklyn-bred SKZIY has built his relatively short catalog on bouncy backdrops and addictive hooks as is evidenced in his Not 4 You Don’t Listen project of last year. One of the prime examples of such a sound could be found on the cut “Bag,” and it turns out the track caught the right ears as Dave East decided to hop on the track for a proper remix. That addition arrived at the tail end of April and now, the two men return with a visual for the collaboration.

“I realize I’m in a position where I can get sh-t rocking with ni--as. A Lot of ni--as when I was coming up, they was closing doors, boxing that sh-t out,” Dave says of his calculated decision to cosign SKZIY. “I had to get my own sh-t poppin’. So, If I’m ever a position to f-ck with a ni--a that’s trying to build his shit up on his own […] I’m with it.”

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