As the "King Of R&B" debate continues its rampage, Dave Chappelle couldn't pass up the opportunity to add his two cents. It was an unofficial declaration, but worth note nonetheless as the comedian celebrated the 20th anniversary of Kardinal Offishall's celebrity holiday party in Toronto. 

“The King of R&B, hate to say it, pees on people,” Chappelle stated as he stood next to producer Just Blaze and DJ Starting From Scratch. Initially, Dave's revelation doesn't resonate too much with the crowd as they either fail to catch the drift or don't hear it.

He goes on to clarify himself by adding that "R. Kelly is the king of R&B,” before breaking off into the memorable introduction to Robert Kelly's “Bump n’ Grind.”

For those just catching up, the King Of R&B discussion gained life this week thanks to Jacquees's own assertion that he was the artist who held the crown. Naturally, the Internet went up in flames with serious conversations on the topic met with equal meme-worthy opinions such as this one.

It isn't the first time Dave Chappelle has alluded to the controversial singer. In 2003, he famously did so in a skit on Chapelle's Show. While it almost didn't even make the cut for the television series, it went on to be one of the many definitive moments of Dave's iconic sketch show.