Danuel House became a household name amongst NBA fans this week for all of the wrong reasons. It all started when he was accused of having a COVID tester in his NBA bubble hotel room, which is very much against the league policy. After an investigation by the NBA into the manner, House was sent home for the remainder of the NBA season. This means the Houston Rockets will be without his services for the rest of their series against the Los Angeles Lakers, and beyond, should they come back from down 3-1.

Many fans on social media pointed out that House has a significant other at home, as well as some kids. Of course, his alleged transgressions would certainly come as a shock to the woman in his life, and in a recent Instagram story, she addressed the whole story, saying "Reap what you sow." It's pretty clear cut what she is trying to talk about here.

With House on his way back home, it seems as though he will have quite a bit to answer for, moving forward. Regardless, this is certainly an unfortunate situation for all parties involved.

As for the Rockets, they will be looking to avoid elimination as they take on the Lakers tonight at 8 PM EST.