Legendary 90s R&B sensation D'Angelo has dropped the official trailer to his documentary Devil's Pie. The actual premiere occurred this past weekend at New York City's Tribeca Film Festival, however, no specific release dates have been announced for its worldly release. The documentary was said to follow the journey of singer and songwriter D'Angelo, who surprised everyone by resurfacing onto the music scene following a 14-year hiatus. The "Untitled" musician's surprise return happened back in 2014.

The soul singing sensation's disappearance was very questionable considering the vocalist was at the height of his career. Prior to going MIA, D'Angelo was breezing through the music scene with two platinum-selling albums, a sold-out world tour and an enduring streak as a sex symbol. As such, the upcoming documentary is meant to answer all the questions fans may have surrounding what prompted the said disappearance and much more.

Precisely, the recording of D'Angelo's return album Black Messiah, in-depth coverage of the singer's addiction issues, responses to acquired fame, loss of family members and recovery from a life-threatening car accident are all included in the film. According to Spin, the anticipated film will also include never before seen footage from D'Angelo's Second Coming tour, which occurred in 2015.