Dame Dash is a certified boss that has worked his way from the ground up in the music industry. Recently, he seems to be putting his efforts towards the film and television industry. In 2014, he sued Lee Daniels over an alleged $2M loan that was never repaid. In 2015, the two of them reached a settlement agreement and said they'd be working together in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, it still looks like Dame hasn't gotten the money he was owed.

Dame Dash is suing Lee Daniels once again over alleged millions he's owed, TMZ reports. Dash claims Daniels said he'd get him on board as the executive producer for a Richard Pryor biopic in addition to 5% of Daniels' backend profits from the film. According to court documents, Daniels failed to pull through on both promises and now, Dash is planning on suing Daniels' for $5M.

Earlier today, footage surfaced on Dame Dash pulling up on Lee Daniels and a Diana Ross concert at the Hollywood Bowl. From the clip, you could hear Dash going off on Daniels and threatening to hit him with another lawsuit if he doesn't pay up soon. Daniels also seems to admit that he's wrong in this situation and asks Dash to give him his phone number in order to discuss the matter. 

Check the clip below.