Ever since the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, the entire country has been trying to have productive conversations about race relations in the United States. Systemic racism is still extremely prevalent and police brutality is a perfect example of how that continues to manifest. Athletes around the country have been uniting to talk about these hard subjects and now, the Dallas Cowboys are speaking out in a powerful new video.

The 2-minute clip below showcases various members of the Cowboys, including Dak Prescott, speaking on the racism they have faced over the years and how they hope to educate those around them. During this video, you even see members of the Dallas police force taking to people of color and engaging in a productive dialog about how to better patrol their communities. Clearly, the team is trying to bring all sides together for the greater good.

The Cowboys have been known to engage in these issues in the past although sometimes they receive criticism. For instance, owner Jerry Jones was very much against kneeling for the National Anthem although he eventually partook in such a protest while locking arms with his players.

Hopefully, the dialog created by teams like the Cowboys goes a long way.