This week, news broke that Dae Dae, the Atlanta rapper best known for his 2016 hit record "Wat U Mean (Aye, Aye, Aye)," has recently been accused by Union City police of a considerably heinous crime. Several outlets have reported that Dae Dae, born Marquavis Goolsby, has been identified as the main suspect in a stabbing that took place at a Dunkin' Donuts in Atlanta last December.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dae Dae allegedly enter a Dunkin' Donuts in South Fulton and stabbed a 17-year-old female employee after getting into a heated argument in the drive-thru.

Rapper Dae Dae backstage at at 2016 V-103 Winterfest at Philips Arena on December 10, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

A video of the violent incident has made its round on social media, which led to authorities identifying the suspect as Dae Dae. Following the altercation, Union City Police took out aggravated assault charges against Dae Dae, but they claim that they have been unable to locate Dae Dae since the stabbing took place in December. 

Check out the footage from the December Dunkin' Donuts altercation below.

In rather uncharacteristic behavior for someone who is reportedly wanted by the police, Dae Dae recently hit Instagram to speak out in response to the allegations that have been brought against him. According to Dae Dae, he's not related to the crime at all, and unlike the perpetrator in the video, guns his choice of weapon.

Throughout his Instagram story, the Atlanta rapper says, "Don't go for it. That's all I want to tell you. Don't go for it. Don't go for it...Cap. You know that don't look nothing like me! Dae tote sticks, and you know this."

He also posted a video of a local news channel reporting on the situation to his page, with the caption, "Anything To Slammer My Name Huh...They Would Wanna See Me Dead Or In Jail. It’s Crazy the Type Music I Drop Is Nun But Motivation Music They Treatin me Like A Mass Criminal...NOT EVEN Trippen Lawyer Paid Up And Ima Drop Faster On You P*ssiess...Tell That...Stay Tune WATCHTHIS."

Despite innumerable reports that claim police are after Dae Dae for the stabbing of the teenage Dunkin' employee in December, the Atlanta artist has repeatedly expressed his innocence and flat-out lack of involvement in the situation. Stay tuned for updates regarding this strange case.