If CyHi The Prince's conscious efforts weren't a bright spot on the G.O.O.D. Music roster before, they are now, in the wake of his mixtape's release, Black Hystori Project which opened to positive word of mouth. So, CyHi can count it as a victory but he now has to worry about mounting expectations for his future releases.

The Prince sat down with Hot 97's Ayanal Rashad to talk about the mix and his upcoming projects. As transcribed by In Flex We Trust, on the subject of future endeavors, CyHi had this to say:

"Yeah we got a lot of things in the works, I got a couple projects before the winter. I’m looking to put out an album in the winter, so were just gathering all our information on what we wanna do and and how we wanna do it and what artist and producers we wanna work with so you’ll be hearing a lot from me this year and years to come the take over is here."

An album this winter sounds ambitious, but so far the conscious rapper has not once shied away from ambition, coming out with a mix called Black Hystori Month certainly opens the gates for some far reaching conceptual themes. On the subject, CyHi said:

"Really I just want to show you, It’s like the leadership. I just don’t be rapping because the words rhyme or I want to get bitches or because I wanna get a bunch of money. I’m not a weekend rapper. Those are the Friday through Saturday rappers. I’m more like Sunday through Thursday, you know when your living the real life. I like to rap about real things and inspire people to be great, you know? I like to take certain characteristics of a few of individuals that are on the album. Other than that I just wanted to make a powerful impact full album that was straight forward and in your face and being able to take my career to the next level."

He goes on, saying, "Really the Black Hystori project is just not about the people, it’s about the idea of black the stereotype of it.. how if everything is dark it’s evil or dark you know that type of thing. So I just wanted to show something that was aggressive but still clever still artistic and still beautiful at the same time..."

When asked who his top five rappers in the game right now, CyHi laughed it off, but still provided:

"That’s a difficult one. I mean I feel like in this generation it would be Kanye, Drake, Kendrick, [J. Cole] and CyHi. That would be the top five."

Ambitious, indeed. Listen his full mixtape here and check out our review of his effort. 

To listen to the full interview, check the video below.