With so many albums falling victim to the ongoing coronavirus-related uncertainty, which has left the best-laid music industry plans ravaged, we can no longer take solace in the arrival of some of 2020's most anticipated albums. Even though the year was positioned to be a massive one, with albums from Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and many more set to arrive at some point -- though at this stage, who knows what has become of them? Luckily, we have artists like the reliable Curren$y Spitta, who has decided to give the people what they so desperately need.

Curren$y New Mixtape

Steve Rogers Photography/Getty Images

Today, the rapper took to Instagram to unveil some glorious news, that he and producer Cardo Got Wings are gearing up to release a new tape this weekend. Sharing a bit of back and forth messaging, the general sentiment seems to be that of sincere desire to spread cheer and happiness, qualities that certainly go a long way in this trying time. 

"Me and @cardogotwings have that stay at home kit for y’all this weekend," writes Spitta, though he opts to remain mums-the-word about any further details. Judging from the back and forth transfers in the screenshots, expect songs like "100 Gs" and "Take That" to line the tracklist. Big shout out to Curren$y and Cardo for holding it down, but let's be honest -- did you really think that Spitta was going to sit out the entire month of 4/20?