CupcakKe was recently hospitalized after tweeting out a suicidal message that caused worry amongst her followers and fans. The artist has since claimed to be in a better emotional state as she received help for her mental health. In now-deleted tweets, CupcakKe recounts the abuse that led to her suicidal thoughts and hospitalization. The man she had been dated for the past 5 months drove her to the edge with financial and emotional abuse as well as threats of violence, which have prompted her to "sleep with knives" as she fears he might follow through.

Although she has been dealing with the issue in private until now, the artist felt compelled to make its details public since legal authorities have failed to offer any solutions to her dangerous situation. For safety reasons, the names of the accused will not be published in this piece. The initial red flags were financial as he "has stolen over 10K" from her bank account and "admitted to sending it to a girl." Her text also claims that the men threatened to shoot her mother "in the face" in addition to threatening to entertainer's life.

"This message is for every young girl or anyone in general that is struggling with abuse right now, I beg U (once you see the first sing) leave," she wrote at the end of the lengthy account." Do not take him back like me because it would only get worse." Fans have responded with support and offered advice concerning the most effective ways to navigating the abusive relationship's aftermath. They hope the police take this on as a case with the level of seriousness it warrants.