Conor McGregor has been away from the UFC since the summer following his big loss to Dustin Poirier during their trilogy fight. McGregor broke his leg during the match and as a result, he has had to take some time off to recover. Regardless, McGregor is still motivated to make a comeback and according to his coach John Kavanagh, he could very well be sparring in just a few weeks from now as his leg has made a ton of progress. 

In a report from The Independent, Kavanagh made some very bold claims about McGregor as he said the UFC superstar is more jacked than he's ever been and that when he comes back to the UFC, he could very well end up being a middleweight. McGregor typically fights at 155 pounds, however, this upgrade would put him between 175 and 185.

“He’s going to be back in the gym, he’s going to be back on the mats now in the next couple of weeks with me,” Kavanagh said. “He’s doing a lot of strength training at the moment. The guy is jacked. I think he’s coming back to the UFC as a middleweight! But he’ll be back on the mats with me now shortly and we’ll start off with combat sports training again.”

Moving up weight classes is no easy task, and if McGregor were to do so, there would be some hefty challenges ahead. Regardless, a McGregor that is stronger than ever before is certainly a prospect that UFC fans should be excited about.

Conor McGregor

Stacy Revere/Getty Images