Colin Kaepernick's noble pursuits over the last couple of years have resulted in his ousting from the NFL and fans are fairly upset about it. Some feel that he can still play at a high level while others think his blackballing from the league is simply a result of lousy play on the field. While it seemed impossible for Kaepernick to get back into the league, it seems as though he might be getting a second chance after all. Yesterday, it was announced that Kap would be holding a private workout and all 32 NFL teams are invited.

Last night, Kaepernick picked up on the fact that his workout became a national headline and quickly took to social media to react. As he explains in the tweet below, he is extremely excited about this brand new opportunity.

"I’ve been in shape and ready for this for 3 years, can’t wait to see the head coaches and GMs on Saturday," Kaepernick said. While every team is invited, it doesn't exactly mean they will show up. If this were the case, his workout would certainly be a huge bust but hopefully, this is not the case. Fans are excited to see what Kaepernick looks like on the field and this could be his best chance yet.

Which team would you like to see sign Kap?