Colin Kaepernick continues to be mired in the unpleasant world of professional sports unemployment, with multiple teams in the NFL refusing to take a look at the QB who is only five years removed from a Super Bowl appearance with the San Francisco 49ers. This sudden cooling on Kaepernick's appeal as even a backup at the position stems from his refusal to stand for the American national anthem during a game last year. Even though many groups, including the New York Police Department, have come out in supported of the spurned athlete, the story remains the same. However, his current struggles on the NFL front isn't preventing Kaepernick from making sizable donations to charities, one of them being J. Cole's foundation.

According to Spin, the former Niner made a $34,000 donation to the rapper's Dreamville Foundation, an organization that is based in Cole's hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Reports have no details on what exactly the money is going to where Dreamville is concerned, only the promise that Kaepernick and Cole will be releasing information about which projects they'll be working on together on in the near future. The donation is part of the most recent phase of Kaepernick's pledge to donate $1 million to different charity organizations in the United States. Other beneficiaries of the last round of donations were the Lower East Side Girl's Club in New York City and 100 Suits for 100 Men. The full breakdown of those two charitable actions can be seen below.

What makes this new partnership to help those in need so special is the mutual respect and admiration that both Kaepernick and Cole have for each other. The rapper has publicly supported the QB on more than one occasion, going so far as to criticize the Baltimore Ravens as a result. Recently, Kaepernick returned the favor, showing up at one of J. Cole's shows and taking the time to chat with him backstage. It was a meeting of the minds that potentially led to the donation that the football player made and may have also influenced what other goodwill they might spread to others down the road.