Since refusing to stand for the American National Anthem during an NFL game last year, quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been reviled and applauded in almost equal measure. Players like Aaron Rodgers support Kaep's cause, unequivocally stating that a team should pick him up and add him to their roster. However, there are plenty of individuals who think otherwise. He has been dragged by players like LeSean McCoy, who believe he's not "worth the distraction, and mocked by Jason Whitlock and Kid from Kid N' Play on the former's TV show over at Fox Sports 1. Today, the embattled NFLer got another boost in the form of support by one of rap's most iconic figures.

Snoop Dogg had an appearance on ESPN's First Take in Los Angeles and wasted no time voicing his opinion on the whole Kaepernick debate. Decked out from head to toe in white, Snoop was definitely spreading a message of peace with his answer. "What did he do so bad?" asked Snoop. "I done seen players in the league that ... I ain't even gonna say what they did. Y'all know what they did. But it wasn't worse than what [Kaepernick] did," he added. He continued by described Kaepernick's method of protesting in a peaceful manner something that people should be focusing on more. "He peacefully protested - the word is 'peacefully.' I've seen some protests in Charlottesville that wasn't peaceful [...] show the benefits of what he did on the positive side, [where] he brought some awareness to something that's actually happening." 

Snoop ended off his discussion on the topic by reiterating his support for Kaepernick. "Keep fighting your fight Colin. We're fighting with you." He also added that somehow, some way, the quarterback will come out on top when this increasingly dramatic PR storm blows over. However, maybe it won't blow over anytime soon, with several teams making sure that players did not sit for the National Anthem during the NFL's opening week of action this past Sunday. It's tough to say whether or not Kaepernick will find a home this season or beyond, but one thing's for sure: the Doggfather can be counted as an admirer of his.