Fox Sports 1's Jason Whitlock received backlash from all corners of the internet yesterday after he posted a photo which appeared to show a white man impersonating Colin Kaepernick as part of a skit on his new show. However, according to TMZ, the man who was dressed up as the fake Kaepernick is actually Christopher Reid, aka Kid from Kid 'n Play.

The skit has yet to air, but you can check out the tweet in question below.

Whitlock has always been outspoken in his stance against Colin Kaepernick so it's not surprising that he jumped at an opportunity to mock the free agent quarterback, but Fox Sports 1 was also criticized for allowing the skit to be filmed in the first place. Shannon Sharpe, who is also employed by Fox Sports 1, was one of the many who called out Whitlock, and said he is going to address it with the head of Fox Sports. 

Jason Whitlock allowed the photo of Christopher Reid posing as Colin Kaepernick to marinate on social media for more than 12 hours before he tweeted a response in regards to the backlash he received.

Take a look at some of the other reactions to Whitlock's Kaepernick skit below.