Colin Cowherd is one of those TV debate show hosts that people always love to dissect whenever he comes through with a polarizing opinion on a particular topic. Yesterday, Cowherd drew some eyes and scratched head thanks to his opinion on an alternative history LeBron James topic. Essentially, Cowherd, seemingly out of nowhere, started talking about what it would have been like if LeBron James had signed with the Golden State Warriors. 

Cowherd wanted to compare LeBron to Kevin Durant, who joined the Warriors and later left them for the Brooklyn Nets. According to Cowherd, had LeBron been a member of the Warriors, he would have never left because he has "too great a sense of himself and too great a sense of history in the league."

The segment was kind of bizarre as it's clear that LeBron would have never joined a Warriors team while they were at the height of their dominance in the NBA. If LeBron were on the Warriors, there is no denying that he would be close to surpassing Michael Jordan in championships, although considering this never happened, there is no point think about what could have been. This is especially so when you consider what a stretch it would be for LeBron to even think about being on the Warriors.

For now, LeBron is just going to have to focus on winning a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers.