Ciara is making a solid comeback. First, she caused social media to lose its breath over a "latex goddess" photoshoot. Then, only a couple days later, a music video was released for her new single entitled "Level Up." The choreography that propelled the video clip had fans losing their breath in a different way. This time, her following got hype over their own reinterpretations of the dance moves she served. The dance craze was formed with thousands of remakes.

Cici doesn't shy away from getting personal with her fanbase. She had joined the fun of the viral trend, dancing in her bathrobe. Now, she's offering an exclusive look at the creation of the music video from which all of this buzz was spawned.

The intention of this project aligned with the message of the song. Pushing herself and trying something new in efforts to challenge herself was at the heart of Ciara's vision. She gives props to the choreographer who helped her to that end by adding a unique flair to her music video.

"Parris Goebel and The Royal Dance Family. The amazing empire she's built as a young entrepreneur and woman is amazing ... My choreographer Jamaica craft actually introduced us. Creatively, what she has done is really special."

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