The term "latex goddess" is not one I take mildly. Even in cases where bondage aesthetics are misappropriate, there's a still a good lot to love about seeing it up 'n close. Take Nicki's resurgence on Instagram after a near-one year hiatus. Understandably she had to hit us with a latex look, nothing less. The mainstream appeal of cosplay has cause quite the shakeup on the ground level. People walk out of their dorms wearing braziers and bootstraps with no stated purpose of arrangement. 

The latest pop idol to come out as a leather enthusiast is none other than Ciara. She did her fans a favor this afternoon by posting pictures from a latex photoshoot, all posted within minutes of each other. No tagline was needed, since the pictures evoked a thousand words apiece (the Instagram character limit is greater than I imagined).

Regardless of whatever she has on her agenda, whether it's sports ownership or a singing career, Cici serving the goods is inherently a pronouncement of power. If you thought otherwise, you may need to fix your gaze. R&B historians are sure to note how Cici is paying homage to her idol Janet Jackson. The youngest Jackson sibling famously wore leather stirrups during her Rhythm Nation tour in 1989.