Ciara and Future have had a rocky relationship since they called off their engagement two years ago. Both have been with new partners since then, but they haven't hesitated to tear each other down when the opportunity presents itself.

Ciara has been more subliminal about her shots, but Future has come right out and said what's on his mind-- on social media and in his music. It looks like Ciara has had just about enough of Future's outspoken nature, she's reportedly filed a $15 million lawsuit against her baby daddy.

In her suit, Ciara points out a few interviews Future did where he spoke on her and Russell Wilson, including a radio show where Fewtch spoke on Russell walking baby Future in a stroller. "She probably set him [Russell] up," he said at the time. "You letting them catch that photo. Leave my son out of all the publicity stunts."

She also references his January twitter rant where he said, "This bitch got control problems. I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture…the fuckery for 15k a month. I jus want babyfuture that's all."

Ciara mentions in the suit that she's gone out of her way to ensure Future spends time with his son, citing 19 visitations since December 2014, some spanning two-day periods. She is suing him for slander and libel, would like all his mean tweets regarding her deleted, and she'd like to block him from speaking on private family matters regarding their son publicly again.