Ciara has plans to cease her ongoing legal feud with Future. In February of 2016 Ciara initiated court proceedings to sue Future for slander and libel.  A larger portion of Ciara's case hinged on a Twitter rant where Future called her controlling, among many other things.

However, in October of 2016 a judge ruled that the rapper's tweets did not correlate with the $15 million she was asking for. Shortly there after that initial court room ruling the singer dropped her lawsuit, and it seemed as though maybe the former couple would be able to smooth things over.

Now it appears the singer has officially called it quits as TMZ reports that she has filed official paper work to dismiss the case.

The report also cites that the dismissal comes "with prejudice" terms meaning that the singer can not refile the case.

It would seem that even though Future tweeted "2017 nobody safe" that the rapper is indeed safe.