Last night was a mixed bag if you are a Carolina Panthers fan. With the team's new quarterback Sam Darnold under center, the team has been doing phenomenally well and thanks to their win against the Houston Texans, they are now 3-0 which is certainly a surprise to the league. Fans are eager to see where this team can go, and it's clear they have the weapons to do some real damage in the NFC South.

Unfortunately, last night's win came at the expense of none other than Christian McCaffrey. The superstar running back went down early with a hamstring injury and it forced him to come out of the game early. Fans were quick to express concern, and today, their fears have been realized.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, McCaffrey will now have to miss a few weeks with his injury. Luckily, however, he is not going to be put in the IR which means he should be back a bit sooner, rather than later. While this is still bad news for the Panthers, it could certainly be a lot worse, all things considered. 

McCaffrey has been an integral piece of the Panthers' success over these past few years, and they will need him back soon if they want to keep the momentum and make sure the team makes it to the playoffs.