Saw became one of the most memorable horror film franchises in the past 20 years. The franchise's first film was released in 2003 and they went onto release eight other films. Earlier this year, it was announced that Chris Rock would be revamping the series with a ninth film set to arrive in October 2020 but it appears as if we won't have to wait as long anymore for the movie to make its debut.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Per Variety, Lionsgate announced that the release date for the new Saw film has been pushed up by five months from October 2020 to May 2020. The decision appears to play on a few factors. For one, the studio saw early footage of the film which is currently being shot in Toronto right now. For two, it might be partially due to the new release date for Halloween Kills which is due out on October 16th, 2020. Saw was initially supposed to be released on October 23rd but because of Halloween Kills release date, it was bumped up to May.

Chris Rock is primarily known for his work in comedy so his shift towards horror came as a shock to most. However, he'll be adding a bit of humor to the film while keeping it consistent with the horror genre. Most recently, the announced that Samuel L. Jackson will also star in the film.