Looks like Chris Brown won't be getting out of jail just yet. The singer, who's been locked up since being booted from rehab last month was meant to go to trial this week, but things have been postponed until June.

This means that despite Chris' request to be released, he'll head back to L.A. jail until the trial begins-- and even then he's not guaranteed to get out.

Following his hearing in D.C., Brown will apparently be transported back to Los Angeles via Con Air.

If convicted of his D.C. assault charges, Chris is looking at the possibility of 4 years-- in prison, not jail. Until June, he'll just have to wait it out under lockdown.

Meanwhile, the singer's new track, "Loyal" is tearing up the charts.

More updates to come as information arrives.


[UPDATE: Date Set For Chris Brown's Probation Violation Hearing]

Chris Brown has spent seven weeks behind bars at this point, and it's starting to show. The rapper was first locked up on March 14, after he was kicked out of rehab, which thus resulted in a probation violation. The r'n'b singer appeared in court today, where a judge set a probation violation hearing for Breezy.

Chris Brown's next hearing date is set for May 9th, and he'll be remaining locked up until the date, at the very least. In the meantime, he's in L.A. jail. 

If he's convicted of violating his probation, he could face up to 4 years in prison, as we reported on above. His trail for the D.C. assault case has been postponed, but we will update you on that case once it unfolds. As we already reported, Brown's bodyguard was tried in the same case and was found guilty.

Check out footage of Chris Brown in the courtroom today below, via TMZ.