Chris Brown and Soulja Boy went tit for tat Thursday in their month-long war of words. The last episode in the Dragon Ball Z-esque prelude to their tentative boxing bout had the "Crank Dat" rapper revealing that Brown has yet to sign the boxing contract.

The "Party" singer took to Instagram to assure the eager Big Soulja that he will indeed sign the necessary paperwork for the fight. Bhris Breezy also took the opportunity to give some advice to Draco, telling him to be ready, "it's going to be a long ride."

"I hope you're ready for that. Don't juice neither nigga that's going to make you more tired. You're going to be fatigued. Hundred-twenty pounds soakin' wet right? A little nigga," he says.

Brown, who seems to think Soulja might inject performance-enhancing drugs to withstand his punches, captioned the video, "Fight NIGHT WILL BE SOON. Stay tuned for the actual date. @50cent make sure you give Soulja some profit. Can't let the man take 2 L's. and the sidebar sneak dissing some of you niggas is doing is not in your nature. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. stay classy!"

Responding to critics who might have questioned his own conditioning, Breezy posted a photo of himself shirtless, putting his flat stomach, visible six-pack abs and wide shoulders on display.

"I hope Holyfield teach you everything in the book. Please. Help Soulja," he says derisively at the end of the clip.