Chris Brown is undoubtedly one of the most prolific talents that hip-hop and R&B has out there today. His most recent album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, was a 46-track opus that felt like the musical equivalent of binge-watching the entirety of the Lord of the Rings saga all at once. However, even after seemingly emptying out his bag of tricks on that record, he's still got even more creativity to share with the world, no matter what time of day it is for him.

The singer's Instagram followers were (un)pleasantly surprised by his latest freestyle that came straight from the can - literally. The black-and-white clip showed Brown spitting some bars while dropping a deuce, with the camera quickly panning down a couple of times to prove that he was indeed in the middle of doing his business (thankfully, we don't actually see anything truly gross). You can check out the video in its entirety below.

His biggest hope? That "the water don't touch" his member, which was funny but also clearly an instance of way too much information being offered up by Brown. There's a goofy sense of fun about this video as well that does good for Breezy's image, one that is often qualified as being a little too self-serious for his own good, from time to time anyways. Maybe this will become the trendy new freestyle trend for rappers out there? Then again, hopefully not.

Where's the strangest place you or someone you know has ever started an impromptu bit of rapping? Let us know in the comments.