Being on stage can be overwhelming. Flashing lights. Fans screaming in adoration. Potential for sensory overload, to be sure. Though the environment is merely another day in the office for a veteran performer like Chris Brown, newcomers may find the experience too intense for comfort. One young fan learned that lesson first hand during a recent Chris Breezy concert.

While visibly starstruck, the boy seemed to be holding it together, even smiling from ear to ear. When Chris went in for the dap-hug combo, however, the boy's excitement sensors kicked into overdrive. Eventually, a 404 error transpired, and the young fan passed out. Luckily, Chris Brown has been finessing his dad-like reflexes, catching the boy before he could faceplant. He proceeds to hand the unconscious child back to, what we can only hope, is a guardian and/or parent. Judging from Chris' caption, it seems likely that the boy is okay, having earned legend status in Chris' books.

To be fair, audience members gracing the stage tends to veer toward disaster. Often times, results can prove cringeworthy, such as the infamous Kendrick Lamar "mAAd City" incident. Many times, fans end up on stage uninvited, in a misguided attempt at a stealing the spotlight; they often find themselves sent packing with a flying Goldberg tackle. This time, however, it seems as if Chris facilitated the encounter himself, in an effort to make a young fan's day. Clearly, the mission succeeded - perhaps a little too effectively.