When it comes to Chris Brown, many of the headlines he breaks have to do with his legal difficulties over the years. While he remains one of the undisputed top talents of the industry, Breezy has been involved in his fair share of drama. It all started tumbling down after the controversial Rihanna incident, causing a downward spiral in the artist's life and causing many to turn against him. According to The Blast, legal documents have been filed by Brown's former manager as he claimed that the singer failed to return drug tests relevant to their ongoing lawsuit.

Chris' ex-manager, Mike Guirguis, is reportedly accusing his former client of blowing off numerous requests to return drug test information that pertains to their legal suit. Guirguis sued Brown in 2016 for false imprisonment, assault, battery, defamation, and breach of contract. The manager was originally brought onto Chris' team to help repair the singer's image after he beat Rihanna. As of now, that doesn't seem to have worked out. Chris is still hated by the public and now he's got trouble with Guirguis to add to his list of legal trouble.

When it comes to music, Chris Brownfeatured on Smooky Margielaa's new track alongside A$AP Rocky yesterday. He's also been teasing a new project that may drop "after the holidays."