Over the weekend, Gunplay made headlines after unleashing a venomous and racially-charged rant lined with an anti-Asian sentiment. Though he maintained that he is not, in fact, racist -- citing a love of Japanese porn as one of his defenses -- many in the Asian community and beyond were disturbed by Gunplay's language. The rant eventually caught the attention of rapper China Mac, a former member of the notorious Ghost Shadows Gang and no stranger to the commentary circuit, who had a few thoughts on the matter.

China Mac

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

During an appearance on Uncle Nick's Word On The Street podcast, China Mac watched the clip on the spot following the host's encouragement. "First of all, he look like he was high," notes Mac. "He was obviously speaking to somebody. We don't have the video beforehand. I don't know what's going on, who is he talking to, he's not just talking about Asian people period. He's talking specifically to somebody -- I don't know what the dude said before. But just watching that clip...what I would want to say to him, is I hope that is not your feelings toward a whole set of people."

"I hope that was just out of anger," he continues. "I hope that was you being coked-up, drugged up, not in the right state of mind. I hope that's not how you really feel, but if you do, fuck you. Suck a dick. If that's how you truly feel, then fuck you. Eat a dick. But I hope he did it in a way he was upset, cause I know people say crazy shit when they're upset. I'm not condoning it, but I know people can get upset." 

Gunplay defends his position.

Mac explains that he's seen Asian people get upset and resort to racist language, and it doesn't always equate to deep-rooted racist sentiments. Still, he encourages Gunplay to think about he might feel had he been on the receiving end of such a vitriolic rant. "I want people to understand that power has a lot of words," he says. "If you not a fucked up person, I want you to understand, the shit you say can cause some dumb muthafucka to push an old lady in the train track. An old Chinese lady. All because of some shit your stupid reckless-ass said."

"I hope that is not how you really feel, and that you wouldn't perpetuate something like that," he concludes. "But if that is how you really feel toward my people, toward Asian people, then fuck you."

Check out Mac's measured take on the Gunplay situation below.