Beef could be brewing once more between Chief Keef and Soulja Boy. It's almost been a year since the two took their beef public, with Keef tweeting out Soulja Boy's phone number, and Soulja in turn threatening the Chicago rapper. This all seemed to stem from a GBE rapper allegedly stealing one of Soulja's chains. Soulja later claimed his social accounts had been hacked, and it seemed to end there.

Now Keef seems to be back to his usual antics-- he once again sent out a tweet with what he initially alleged was Soulja Boy's phone number to his over-800,000 followers. Keef tweeted, "Call Houlja Hoe Ass (240) 447-6760." He followed that up with an admittance that the number did not belong to Soulja Boy, but rather an annoying producer who kept hitting his line. 

"Duh I know Dat Ain't goofy dude number I was Only Sayin Dat Cuz it's A Stalkin Ass producer Mf Call my phone 24/7," Keef tweeted.

We'll have to wait and see if this is enough to start back up the beef.