It looks like Chief Keef’s pockets just got a little lighter this past week. According to the Chicago Tribune, Sosa and his booking agent, Yung Fly Entertainment, have been ordered to pay $82,000 for skipping a planned show last year at Auburn University.

The Chicago rapper was reportedly scheduled to perform at the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity on April 25 of last year, but that clearly never happened. The show was apparently booked by an Atlanta-based promoter called The Booking Collective, and Keef’s team were going to be paid $22,000 for the gig.

As part of the agreement, the promoter states he paid Sosa $12k up front as a deposit and he’d dish out the remaining $10k upon Keef’s arrival. The tribune also states that Sosa demanded quite the ryder list as well, which included 10 bottles of chilled water, one bottle of pineapple juice, orange juice and cranberry juice, four Red Bull energy drinks, one bottle of Remy Martin VSOP cognac, two bottles of Ciroc vodka, two bottles of Moet Rose champagne and 50 chicken wings with fingers and french fries. He also asked for roundtrip, nonstop coach flights and five-star accommodations for himself and six members of his entourage

Of course, Sosa was a no-show and was even seen on Instagram that day in the studio. “We felt it was malicious, it was deliberate, basically a slap in our client’s face,” the promoter’s lawyer Malcolm Jenkins told the Chicago Tribune.

The Auburn fraternity sued The Booking Collective for $70,000 in damages as a result of Chief Keef’s no-show. Jenkins said that case was settled but did not disclose the terms of the agreement.