For as much as LeBron James is excited to begin filming Space Jam 2, NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is at the complete other end of the spectrum.

Barkley, who played a role in the original 1996 Space Jam, once again spoke about the sequel at the 2019 NBA Awards on Monday night, telling Entertainment Tonight’s Deidre Behar that he is "not at all" looking forward to the 2021 film. It was at the 2018 NBA Awards where Barkley first expressed his lack of interest for Space Jam 2.

Per ET Online:

“Not at all,” Barkley proclaimed when asked if his opinion on the matter has changed. When told that acclaimed director Ryan Coogler is involved in the project, he replied, “Well, listen, I don’t care. Space Jam 1 was amazing. We don’t need two.”

Space Jam 1 was a classic,” he added. “I don’t like when people try to imitate something that was already good.”

Meanwhile, LeBron couldn't be happier about the reboot. The Lakers star - who will be joined on set by Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul and Diana Taurasi - shared his excitement on twitter Monday night.

"Man this really just hit me! I’m really shooting Space Jam 2!! This is so surreal and doesn’t even make sense to me! Where I come from man and what I saw growing up this doesn’t add up to me! ! I’m truly grateful and beyond blessed. This is CRAZINESS."

Filming on the Space Jam sequel is expected to begin in July, but the movie won't be hitting theaters until July 16, 2021. Click here to check out the incredible court that LeBron and co. will be training on during shoot days.