The New Orleans Pelicans are really going through it right now. They rank 13th in the Western Conference and have been pretty well told by Anthony Davis that he doesn't want to play for them anymore. General Manager Dell Demps was also fired today for not trading Anthony Davis when they really had the chance. It's been a rollercoaster ride for the franchise and we're sure the fans would wish for much better from management at this point. One person who has been critical of the team and of Davis himself is Charles Barkley, who spoke at a media scrum about what Davis should do moving forward.

“Don’t ruin your reputation as 1 of the nicest guys in the world. Your agent works for you; you don’t work for him," Barkley explained. "They handled the situation wrong and it’s going to bite him in the a—... Workers ain’t never gonna have power over ownership.”

Barkley also commented on how things look pretty bad in New Orleans right now and that they need a bit of a reset. With a record of 26-33, it's clear that something needs to change over there in NOLA. It's just a matter of how and when at this point.