It goes without saying that these are some trying times we live in, with quarantine-induced cabin-fever reaching an unprecedented high for both celebrities and us regular folk alike. Of course, with one major distinction being that the former tend to be holed up in actual mansions, many of which feature more square feet than three houses combined.

Still, cabin-fever does not discriminate, and the iconic television host Ellen Degeneres recently found herself likening her own quarantine period to a stay in prison. Her words caught the attention of Charlamagne Tha God, who took issue with the flippant disregard Ellen showcased toward an issue he holds dear to his heart. As such, he went on to bestow her with the dubious honor of Donkey Of The Day, prefacing that while she is not a stupid person, her "blindspot" toward this particular subject ultimately left her coming off as such.

Charlamagne Tha God Donkey Of The Day

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

"Very important note," begins Charla. "Ellen lives in a mansion that's over eight thousand square feet, sits on 8.24 acres of land, it has five bedrooms, a cabana that doubles as a gym, a two-bedroom guest house, and a salt-pebble infinity pool that overlooks the ocean. And it cost her twenty-seven million to buy. I'm not mad at her! She has a skillset and a talent that has enabled her to live like that and secure the bag. I'm not one of those people who knock people for their accomplishments."

"I'm giving Ellen Degeneres Donkey Of The Day cause Ellen Degeneres insisted that her mansion is like a prison," he continues, before playing a clip from Ellen's self-taped quarantine episode. "In light of what's going on in prisons and jails around the country in this global pandemic called COVID-19, Ellen Degeneres sounds tone-deaf as hell." He proceeds to ask Ellen to use her massive platform to help shed a light on some of the issues prisoners are currently facing, playing a disturbing clip shared by inmate Aron Campbell highlighting the rampant spread across his low-security facility. 

Check out the Donkey Of The Day rant below, and sound off -- was Charlamagne justified in hitting Ellen Degeneres with the lecture?