Chance The Rapper removed his music hat last night and slipped on a comedy cap when he was on a date with his wife Kirsten Corley in Chicago. The couple headed to the city's Laugh Factory and when the club opened the mic up to the audience, Chance jumped at the opportunity to tell some jokes on stage. While his efforts of trying something new are of course applauded, we're not sure his jokes were as well. 

Chance introduced himself as the Kit Kat man and then joked about his Chicago school efforts that lead to him mixing in some farting jokes. "White people know me as the guy who does stuff for schools," he told the crowd. "What do I do for schools?" he asked. "Nobody knows what I do for schools. I'll tell you what I do...I go to all your kid's schools and I fart in their desks. I wait for the weekend to be over, see if it's still stale in there."


Sources tell TMZ that after his news bit, as seen in the video above, Chance wrapped things up quick. While the audience gave him a few laughs and cheers here and there, we think it's best to look forward to his upcoming album rather than more comedy routines.