A few years back, Drake released the song "Draft Day" in support of Johnny Manziel. The single included the line "And if I left this shit to chance I would've picked a name like Chance the Rapper," a bar that many took as a shot at the Chicago MC. Chance never responded to the line, and he and Drake seem to have at least a cordial relationship. The Coloring Book creator sat down on The Joe Budden Show recently, and elaborated on why he never decided to respond to Drake, and why he wasn't involved in this Summer's Drake/Kanye feud. 

"You wanted me to come out and make a diss record against Drake?," asks Chance as Budden laughs. "No I did not," pleads Budden with a mischievous grin on his face. "I saw what it feels like to still be a good lyricist, and rap at Drake, and nobody cares," Chance continued. "'Cause you did it before," he states, taking a friendly jab at Budden. He continued on to say that he doesn't invest his energy is beefing, but he believes he's one of the top rappers in the game right now when it comes to piecing together his verses. "That shit is available, so if I wanted to go crazy on somebody, I could," admits Chance. "And I also am very good at finding what niggas are insecure about."