Celina Powell and her friend Aliza have been making waves with their brand new podcast called "Thots Next Door." The podcast has been hosted on the No Jumper YouTube channel, where Adam 22 has received quite a bit of flack for the nature of the show. Powell and Aliza aren't afraid to expose the men they've slept with, and it has led to quite a bit of tabloid-fodder. Last night, Adam 22 took to Twitter to reveal that Powell and Aliza could continue their podcast although he would no longer be having it on No Jumper. While he didn't give too many details, he revealed that he would be divulging on the full story as of Tuesday when he does his No Jumper Live Show

In the midst of this announcement, Powell took to Twitter where she leveled some accusations against Adam and his longtime girlfriend Lena The Plug. As you will see in the tweets below, Powell alleges that Adam and Lena paid her $500 to film a porn scene for Lena's OnlyFans. This is where Powell gets emotional as she claims to have apologized to Lena for disrespecting her in the past. Powell also said that Adam is planning on doing an interview with someone who wants to "destroy" her. In a later tweet, Celina even made the claim that some No Jumper employees were going to quit if Adam didn't cancel Powell's show.

Since Celina's Twitter accusations, Adam has yet to reply, although DJ Akademiks weighed in this morning. Akademiks is currently feuding with Adam, and while he has had run-ins with Powell in the past, it appears as though he is taking her side.