Last weekend, a bit of good news for Cee-Lo Green became overshadowed by some truly terrible comments he made about rape on Twitter. The ATL singer had just gotten off rather easy in a court case, but proceeded to dig himself a deeper hole, as his tweets have had some unfortunate effects on his life. 

The first of these is that his reality series on TBS, "The Good Life," has been cancelled following just one season. Though its ratings were not great, The Hollywood Reporter credits Green's tweets with sealing the show's fate.

Additionally, Green was scheduled to headline New Orleans' Gretna heritage Festival in October, but was removed from the lineup after the festival's organizers deemed his comments "not acceptable." They went on to add, "Our community does not condone these disparaging remarks delivered by Cee Lo Green, and we feel this entertainer does not represent what our festival is about and has achieved over the past 20 years." Green was also slated to play a Navy-sponsored concert in Washington, DC later this year, but as you can see below, he will not be doing so. 


Is this the end of the fallout from Green's tweets, or just the beginning? Stay tuned.