In the past months there have been several lawsuits against hip hop artists for illegally using samples, and now Cash Money Records – no stranger to lawsuits themselves – are under fire from a 1970s group who claims the label sampled their track on one of Bow Wow’s 2010 hits without their permission.

Robert Poindexter, a one time member of the group The Persuaders is the one who has filed the suit, alleging that Bow Wow’s 2010 track “Still Ballin” illegally sampled the song “Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out)” released by The Persuaders in 1972.  The singer claims that neither the label or the artist contacted the group before sampling the track. 

This is not the first suit of this nature filed by Poindexter who previously has sued 50 Cent and Kanye West.  He now says that he contacted Cash Money, but the label said that he should be contacting Bow Wow’s personal attorneys.  The Persuaders singer then claims he was once again directed to contact the label, and at that time he decided to file the $600,000 claim in punitive damages, plus interest.