Casanova isn't the only hetero dude who's dealt with an uncomfortable but necessary question. The Brooklyn-bred rapper best known for his jooks, was on the Breakfast Club to discuss a whole range of issues, including his past skirmishes with Tekashi 6ix9ine, with whom he no longer holds any animosity - and why should he? Tekashi-sponsored retaliation is pretty much a thing of the past, now that his gang affiliations have been shot to the ground.

But oddly enough, the Tekashi-related conversation bits weren't his most endearing; that moment came to pass once he delved into private matters. With his girlfriend surely listening somewhere in the background, Casanova spoke freely about their sexual proclivities, even admitting to a surprise submissive side. But to his credit, even the most hard-nosed of individuals have a tender side they reserve for their seedlings, lovers, and aunties.

"The other day I was drunk … my girl was like baby, 'You know what you did to me last night? You was sucking my toes!;" Casanova let slip out as a gregarious Charlamagne Tha God tried his best to keep the topic afloat, only to be upstaged by co-host DJ Envy, who himself knows a thing or two about submissiveness.

DJ Envy asked Casanova to spill the beans on the rest of their sex-crazed acts. The rapper exonerated himself of future "fingers up the butt" after the first try made him feel queasy, and I kid you not, DJ Envy pressed on additional masturbation questions before things got weird. These are but a few of the reasons you should tune into the Breakfast Club on the regular. DJ Envy, Yee and Charlamagne rarely disappoint, no matter the guest.