Carmelo Anthony had seemingly been blackballed from the NBA for the longest time but the narrative completely changed last night when it was revealed that the Portland Trail Blazers had signed him to a non-guaranteed contract. NBA fans and players everywhere were ecstatic about the news especially since it meant Melo didn't have to end his career with an anti-climactic shunning from the league. Now, Melo will be joining an underperforming Blazers team that boasts the likes of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

Of course, 2K Games was paying attention to the recent move and immediately took action. In a Twitter post this afternoon, they announced that Melo is now a playable character on the Portland Trail Blazers in NBA 2K20. Interestingly enough, his current overall rating is set at 76 which makes sense considering he hasn't played in a whole year.

It remains to be seen what Melo will be able to contribute to this Blazers team but any little bit helps at this point. Melo is being given a well-deserved second chance and fans are extremely excited to see how this all plays out. If you're a Blazers fan, you can't help but be a little bit excited over this whole experiment.