Carmelo Anthony was one of the best players in the NBA during his prime and now, it seems as though he can't even find his way onto an NBA roster. It's a pretty sad development as fans have been rooting for Melo and his journey over the last few years. It really seems like he can't catch a break and today, he stopped by ESPN's First Take where he spoke to Stephen A. Smith about the problems he has been having over the past couple of months. Anthony spoke about the issues he had while with the New York Knicks and even touched on his dismissal from the Houston Rockets.

One of the other things Melo talked about was how he has tried to get back into the league. He even revealed that he had contacted the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, although neither team seems to be in a position to sign him.

As the upcoming season gets closer, it will be interesting to see if there are any teams willing to give him a chance. Most rosters are full right now but there is always a possibility he could replace someone who is injured. He's still confident he has what it takes to play at a high level, so only time will tell whether or not he's given that chance.

Would you want Melo on your team?