Carmelo Anthony hit up the First Take studios today for a one-on-one conversation with none other than Stephen A. Smith. Melo was there to talk about his journey back to the NBA and how he has been struggling to find a home for a while now. He answered questions about his time with the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder, while also divulging some interesting information about his free agency decision back in 2014. At that point, he had already played a few seasons with the New York Knicks and it was believed he was a done deal to go to the Chicago Bulls. In the end, though, Anthony re-signed with the Knicks in a move that shocked a lot of people.

During his interview with Smith, Anthony explained that the Bulls were, in fact, a done deal but eventually he started to hear rumblings behind the scenes that not everyone on the Bulls were going to be sticking around. After meeting with the Knicks last, it became clear that his best option was to stick it out and see if they could build a competitive roster around him. As we all know by now, it didn't exactly work out with the Knicks and now, Melo is looking for work in the league.

Stay tuned as more clips from the interview are released throughout the day.