Cardi B wore a $20 dollar dress as she gestured to the "hoes" she outranks in the pecking order (via Instagram). To anyone that doubted her fashion sense, her many iconic flips, or her decision to align herself with Fashion Nova, now's the time to repent.

Cardi and Nicki threw down at the Gala, rather than going in scattershot, and for the better part of a year now, brands have been literally throwing their product demos at her feet. So when Cardi posted a video of her sporting a $20 dollar dress, her act of deception complete, many among us figured she was wearing a designer brand from a reputed summer collection,  save for a select who'd bought the dress in store at a Target location.

It seems Cardi B's days of browsing consignment shops are not behind her. This particular Target find with a simple but elegant floral pattern, is still on sale for those interested. Cardi even came forward to address inquisitive fans, when they came looking for the source. Turns out Cardi B's brand has become synonymous with this notion of "fame and frugality."

Thanks in part to Cardi and her unorthodox style choices, many have been inspired to look beyond the less-inclusive world of "designer fashion" and within their price range. If Cardi does it on a dime, so can you.