If you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel is doing something a little different this week and is broadcasting his late night television show from New York City at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Howard Gilman Opera House as part of his "back to Brooklyn" week. On Monday, he kicked things off by having Eminem perform atop of the Empire State Building, and on Wednesday night he had a hometown favorite stop by to chop it up and that being Cardi B.

During their 5-minute chat, Cardi talked about her crazy past year, motherhood, wanting 3 or 4 kids, and more. However, Cardi spent most the time talking about child birth and how Kulture “broke” her vagina during it.

“It was totally harder, she broke my vagina,” Cardi said in response to Kimmel asking was child birth easier or harder than expected. “You know why nobody told you about those things. Nobody told me that they were going to stitch my vagina,” Cardi hilariously added as the crowd laughed.

Cardi then talked about who was in the room during her labor, which she rattled off quite the list of names, including Offset, her mother, dad, sister, mother-in-law, and even publicist. Kimmel then asked Cardi about the baby’s personality, which Cardi revealed she’s very “fiesty” like herself.

“Yea she’s very feisty. I be like ‘uh oh’. Oh snap. I already see it coming. She's very demanding,” referencing to her baby growing up to be like Cardi. “You know what my husband used to say me, ‘stop screaming or stop catching an attitude when your pregnant because you’re gonna pass it down to the baby, and it’s like... ‘I did’,” she adds.

Watch all that and more in the always entertaining interview (below).